Mental illness is an ailment which needs to be treated clinically (like diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc,). Contrary to the popular beliefs, mental illness cannot be mitigated by Yoga, Meditation, Witchcraft, Black magic, Prayer and other religious rituals. It is very important to note that many of the times Yoga and Meditation will aggravate the severity of mental illness.

Individuals undergoing multiple doctor consultations, multiple tests (Scan, X-Ray, Blood, master check-up), taking self medication for chest pain, stomach pain, neck and low back pain, headache without an apparent diagnosis of disease. All doctors say “Nothing is abnormal”, but still they are suffering. At one point of time the family members also get frustrated and fail to hear their problems.

They feel “Nobody understands my physical sufferings” “Even doctors do not understand my problems”. It is also a form of Mental Illness termed as SOMATISATION – HYPOCHONDRIASIS. It is very important to understand that their sufferings, like pain are real and not imagination or over representation. They need sympathy from family members. And they need empathy and scientific treatment from a good Psychiatrist or Physician.

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