Monisha is 21 years old. She secured average marks in her plus two and studied BBA course in a reasonably good college. She joined in a call center after her first year as part time and she was working in second shift (2 p.m to 10 p.m). She is now promoted as a team leader and earns Rs. twenty thousand a month.

Monisha has three younger sisters, a brother and her father worked in Corporation bus service for twenty five years earning Rs 6000 post deductions. He managed to bring up his five children quartered in a small portion in Chennai looking after their education, medical expenses, house rent and they lived a humble life.

Two years before, Monisha insisted her family “All my friends are from high class. I am highly ashamed”. She wept and threw temper tantrums and made her family shift from Rs1000 per month rent house to Rs.4000 per month rent apartment on the strength of her income. She started purchasing one after the other articles in installments. Electricity bills grew tenfold. In what was otherwise a smooth family credit card, debts and other problems surfaced.

When her father told her to eschew extravagance citing the need for education to other children she created a furore in the family.

For the last six months she returns back to home at eleven o clock in the night. Even after that she was engaging herself in sending SMS, chatting in internet and watching television to return to bed at three o clock in the morning. Sometimes she even takes up to five o clock to sleep. She became irritable, introverted and distraught with self pity that she was bearing the family burden.

She consoled her that these were essential to offload her burdens. One night it took longer than usual for her to return home. Her cell phone was switched off. Everybody in the family was perturbed about her and she returned at one thirty in the night. Her mother did not escape to notice the whiff of alcohol in her breath. She did not speak to anyone in the house and locked herself inside the room.

She did not wake up till noon from the usual ten o clock in the morning. Her mother knocked on the door and she shouted at her mother in high pitch. Her mother was enraged. She beat her daughter for the first time and then started weeping. Monisha was dumbstruck and once again locked her door. Her father returned at two o clock and learnt about what had happened. He started knocking her door but Monisha did not open it. Frightened at this he broke open the door with a turbulent frame of mind.

Monisha was sitting and weeping with her hair in disarray. Her left hand was replete with cuts from a razor and her bedclothes were dotted withed with blood stains. Her parents were shocked to see the sight and admitted her in a nearby hospital.

Her wounds were superficial and after dressing them she was sent to me. Her diagnosis showed that her Circadian rhythm-sleep pattern-was disturbed. As a result of this nature of hormone secretion and ovarian glands were affected. This had led to depression and manifested as irritation and anger. Feeling of isolation and an extravagant life style combined with weekly consumption of alcohol.

Monisha admitted fault in her side. She wept “I want everybody in the family to be happy. But I shout at all out of my control.”
I gave her sleeping tablets for a week and recommended her to take leave for her office for a week. Then I commenced psychiatric treatment.
Generally, all should switch off brain after nine o clock. Television, mobile, computer and other audio visual waves provoke chemical secretion in brain. This spoils the nature of sleep.

In due course of time, Monisha changed her working hours from morning eight to evening four shift. She goes for walking with her sisters.
When met recently she expressed with joy “Now I feel freshly born. Now only I realize the goodness of family fully”

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