• E.g. “Sexual organs come into my thoughts when praying to god”
    “Sexual thoughts com to me when am talking with somebody who are my sister’s / mother’s status”.
  • “My husband / child may meet with an accident”
  • “Suddenly I may jump from scooter”
  • “Suddenly I may attempt suicide or kill others”
  • “Suddenly I may become mad”

Obsession with perfection, orderliness, cleanliness, repeated washing of hands and spending hours in bathroom, constant and repeated checking / counting / hoarding etc,.

  • Problems in health, family harmony, profession and daily routines because of Alcohol and other addictions are also a form of mental illness.
  • Unwarranted suspiciousness like: “My spouse is having extra marital relationship”, “Others are talking about me, trying to tease / kill me” etc.
  • Media induced sexual anxiety – by Quacks leading to misconceptions about sex (e.g) “Masturbation is bad for health”, “Nocturnal emission is a disease”. “Over concerned about the size of sexual organs” etc.

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